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AWARE Initiatives

Acute Respiratory Tract Infection Guideline Summary

The Adult and Pediatric compendia summarize the treatment and prescribing guidelines from leading medical experts and professional organizations in the United States for:

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  • Acute Bacterial Sinusitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Nonspecific Cough Illness
  • Bronchitis
  • Bronchiolitis/ Nonspecific URI
  • Adult Outpatient Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP)
  • Pediatric Otitis Media

These guidelines are broken down into the diagnosis, treatment, and prescribing recommendations for each acute respiratory tract infection listed. Annually the compendia, compiled by academic thought leaders, physicians and pharmacists in the field, enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to appropriately prescribe antibiotics for acute respiratory tract infections.

Older Adults and Long-Term Care Facilities

The AWARE Project is working to maximize the effectiveness of flu prevention and strengthen the management of seasonal flu among older adults (60+ years old) and residents of long term care and skilled nursing facilities. In addition, this campaign will work with parents and pediatricians to promote immunization to help prevent the spread of illness to older adult family members who are vulnerable. Web based materials will be developed for consumers and health care professionals.

The CMA Foundation’s AWARE Project will convene key stakeholders in California to discuss this emerging epidemic of CA-MRSA. The purpose of this symposium is to develop a statewide action plan to raise public awareness of this serious infection and to make CA-MRSA a reportable communicable disease in California. This action plan will also seek to strengthen and effectively coordinate effort to prevent, diagnose and treat CA-MRSA in California.

Quality Improvement Initiative

The initiative was started by the AWARE steering committee members to lead a shared quality initiative to address appropriate antibiotic prescribing for acute respiratory tract infections. California’s commercial and MediCal managed care health plans have come together to develop consistent messages to health care professionals and patients. Together this collaborative has developed clinical tools and patient education materials for health care professionals that encourage appropriate antibiotic prescribing. These tools are bundled and distributed to health care professionals at the beginning of each cold and flu season.

The CMA Foundation’s AWARE project is working in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop a Promotora pilot program to raise antibiotic awareness outreach and education in the Latino community. The new project—Prevenir es Vivir (Prevention is to live)—will develop partnerships between Promotores, Latino physicians, and ethnic media to educate communities about appropriate antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance.

Speaker’s Bureau

The The AWARE Speakers Bureau brings health care professionals, medical and pharmacy students, and the community together to increase awareness of proper antibiotic use. Health care professionals conduct community presentations in schools, at parent and/or teacher meetings, childcare centers, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other community events. This is an opportunity to rally community members to become active in a solution to reduce and eliminate antibiotic resistance.

To Join the Speaker’s Bureau, please complete the online form and our staff will contact you soon.

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